Attaining Success and then Acquiring the reality that You want out of life!

From Dr. Robert Anthony , comes the ability to conquer habits and how to transform them into action based plans. See, he is saying that : Habits are so much more powerful then our plans. Now the reasoning behind this is because when you habitually do something, it becomes engrained in you. Plans however, might be what you want out of life; it is not being executed. You need to change your habits in order to change your future.

#1 motivate yourself : motivational speakers and life coaches who motivate you are truly great at what they/we do. However, he states that when the motivation is done with, eventually you fall short of hearing the message. Like showering, you need motivation everyday! The bottom line here is motivation is great. Although, on its own it is not the best way to clear yourself of negative habitual habits. You need to ascertain lifelong commitment to this process and that is of learning, acting and adjusting.

#2 WillPower – self motivation is equal to will power. In some studies it shows that will power actually doesn’t exist at all. Will Power is sticking with your ingrained habits that are holding you back. Your conscious – (the part of you that makes your plans )minds comes into conflicting chaos with your unconscious mind.( the part of you that houses your habits). When your in conflict you will achieve nothing. Having a little will power could be beneficial , relying on it alone is a definite no no! Especially when your embarking on something big like starting a business or raising a family.

#3- meditation and hypnosis

Bad habits are being sworn out by meditation and hypnosis. These results are surprisingly successful. Hypnotism is a technique that is proven over the centuries across many different cultures, it rewires your unconscious mind. This gets rid of the bad habits that are holding you back from achieving your goals. It helps you focus on the decisions, actions and situations or belief systems that can create an abundance of success for you. It works almost instantly and it lasts a lifetime.

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