Wealth is Power to purchase freedom in life!

Power, freedom and wealth are one, each one influences the other two; all power is internal. You become powerful by overcoming your self limiting beliefs while choosing to create space to pursue what you want. When you give yourself the power to create financial freedom, you will create wealth. The more wealth you attain, the more power you have to create freedom in your life. Wealth gives you more options than not having wealth does. What we are seeking in not one, but all three aspects for total living.

The ultimate aim of life is freedom. To live life, the way you please; being able to live life by your rules and not by rules of another. Freedom begins by setting yourself free. When you free yourself to follow your passions; you are already living as you please. As you become wealthy and successful in your passions, you have more freedom to continue.

Abundance is about being able to spend money like water. You choose to only to spend a small portion of your wealth. However, when you use your money, you use it powerfully. When you make a financial gift, you can make a generous one. Your giving will have a larger impact than others because you can afford to give a large sum. When rich people move, they move powerfully. You don’t have to compromise , nor do you have to settle. You can be do and have the best.

The rich get to experience the best things of humanity first. Why choose to settle? You have every right to be at the front. The wealthy elite , are all leaders. You get to the level that you choose to play at. Choose to be rich, and you separate yourself from the masses.


Dr. Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Dr. Laura P Zukerman

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